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At present many are ignorant of the principles of mother Theresa. Her sayings should be practiced in day-to-day life, because it contains a profoundly conceived doctrine, which can be and should be worked out in practice. Some of her ideas and principles are shared in this site. Her sayings are not mere philosophy or a mere attempt to ponder upon husks of word, but some thing, which should be followed.

A man is he who feels that he is bounded in varying ways to all his fellow beings, he should not egoistically consider everything from the stand point of his limited self interests, without regard for his fellow humans or the world at large. This essentially irreligious character would lead to chaos in the world. Selfishness is the root of all sins.
The whole essence of mother Theresa sayings can be summed up as "Avoid giving pain, and allay where it is", yet the application of this principle is not so simple, but when practiced it brings unity with the Lord in the form family, friends, people and world at large.

Each of us can make an effort to follow her sayings and extricate ourselves from the morass of merely selfish struggle. By following her sayings one can understand the meaning of life and its end.
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